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About Us

Queenstown Beer Tours, NZ

The business formerly known as Hop On Beer Tours now trades as Queenstown Beer Tours. Your local guide for the day is Owner-Operator Lewis Benseman.

About Lewis Benseman

Born and raised Queenstown, Lewis will host you for your dream day out around the Wakatipu Basin near Queenstown. He is passionate about craft beer, very knowledgeable about the area and dedicated to provide his customers with an exceptional experience.

Fourth generation locals are difficult to come by but you have found one here. Lewis will give you an insight into the local brewers’ lives and backgrounds, talk to you about your beer beliefs and stories, whilst keeping you entertained along the way. As well as the day out, he will be happy to give you a few tips and tricks for your time in our lovely resort.

a young boy standing next to a body of water

7 reasons to go with a guided beer tour instead of DIY:

  1. Lewis, your tour guide is a born and raised in Queenstown local, which means he knows his way around. Many people are visiting Queenstown for the first time and getting your bearings can be tough, with Lewis all that stress of driving and knowing where to go is taken care of from. (Also you need a DD)
  2. Like we said, being a true local has it perks and Lewis would love to share those with you. You get the best seat in every establishment to enjoy your beer with a view.
    (or cosy up next to the fire)
  3. The worst part about day drinking is when you get somewhere starving and you realise the place is super busy and overbooked. QBT will have your lunch pre ordered and cooking nicely awaiting your arrival. Never go hungry on our watch.
  4. If you are like us and you are actually interested about learning about beer, what gives it those unique flavour and colours. Then you’ll love the opportunity to get behind the scenes and delve deep into the science behind that tasty drink in your hand. You won’t get this when you do it yourself.
  5. We know google has the answer to everything these days but some things you just can’t replace first-hand knowledge with. We are here to share that knowledge with you. Whether it be about beer, Queenstown or the best place to eat in town for dinner. 
  6. Once you are finished your tour, we aren’t quite done with you just yet. We leave you with a little treat to keep the good times rolling long after you finished your last beer with us. Enjoy special offers and deals to redeem for places in Queenstown. 
  7. The biggest perk yet is that you can get access to our tours 7 days a week. The worst thing about going on holiday is realising places are closed on a Monday or the weekend. With QBT we are here to make your holiday a memorable one no matter the day. 

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